Building Thermal Performance Assessor (Residential)

What is a Thermal Performance Asessment?

A building thermal performance assessment, also known as a House Energy Rating, is a means to make a home a more comfortable place to live.

This is achieved by the use of software that was orginally design by the CSIRO.
This software models your house plans to estimate the amount of energy it will need for heating and cooling and makes it easier to boost the efficiency and environmental performance of a new house design.

It does this by calculating and simulating a number of different factors such as the building construction, local climate and the orientation.

Using the assessing software heating and cooling energy levels are assessed with the ulimate goal of making a home stay naturally cool in summer and warm in winter.

The plans are scanned into the program and a model of the dwelling is built up on the scaled floor plan drawing set.

To conduct a thermal performance assessment requires specific information to be supplied from the drawing sets of the plans. These include:

Contact me to discuss in more detail what can be achieved by conducting a thermal performance asessment or if you wish to read a more detailed description of what an assessment entails click here.